Corvi-Mora gallery, 13 November 2014 - 10 January 2015

This film of a dinner featuring the Quotidian service played at the entrance to Corvi-Mora gallery and introduced the exhibition: a table with sixteen place settings.


Quotidian is a contemporary interpretation of the great historical dinner service. A natural continuation of the previous body of work, Quietus, which had examined our relationship with death and the human body through the physicality of clay and anthropomorphism of the vessel, Quotidian renews the investigation of the multivalence of pottery. From the optic to the haptic and from the temporal to the kinaesthetic, there is an insistence on a social locus for the appreciation of art. Quotidian celebrates the dynamics of use and the way that pottery permeates and is integral to human experience.

“Never have I been made more aware of the importance of the weight of a plate.”

Jennifer Higgie, Co-editor of frieze magazine